Kingdom of Lothar

The background

Kingdom of Lothar

They say it’s the 2nd Age of the Dragon. This is the only world you’ve ever known.

In the tales of the First Age, overconfidence was the undoing of Dragon and Orc. The Orcs of the Dragon Krakuk overextended into the Human kingdom of Lothar, where the grand army of Humans, Elves and Dwarves sprang their trap. They surrounded Krakuk’s largest army and used powerful magic to annihilate them. The forest was obliterated, along with the Orcs, in a place now known as ‘The Caludron’. The defeat at the Cauldron was a leathal blow to Krakuk and Human, Elf and Dwarf were able to eliminate the remaining incursions.

They say the next 50 years were a time of peace and light. Even the often isolated Dwarves came to establish a community in Lothagran, the capital of the Kingdom of Lothar. They say the peaceful races had become too confident themselves.

This age began not with the marching of an Army, but a whisper of bow. 30 years ago A human assassinated the spiritual leader of the Elves, An’lisa. The Elves were outraged, and immediately ended their treaty with the Humans, and removed their forward guard from the Black of the North. No one knew this was the subterfuge of the dragon Blackwing. Not until it was too late.

At first it seemed like the rumors were impossible. Tales of Orcs occupying the towns far away, often in a bloodless conflict. Without the help of the Elves to quickly move news and information around, much of Lothar was occupied in this manner. Men and women and children turned into slaves. Small towns and hamlets were turned into dark fortresses. Territory was often too difficult to take back.

Year after year, town after town, the Orcs had cleverly established a nearly impenetrable empire in what was once lush Human and Elven land.

Almost all of Lothar has been taken. It’s said the Orc armies have begun to move on the mountain fortresses of the Dwarves. You have come to the city of Kravelt, near the Dwarf mountain of Lilibos, the Elven forest of Gen’las and the mighty human city of Lothagran, you’ve come to the tavern Grainwold, looking for refuge from a cold rain that hasn’t stopped for a week…



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