Kingdom of Lothar

The Meeting

Episode 1

After the party is introduced to each other we’re introduced to the staff and regulars of the Grainwold inn – Gahr the Innkeeper, Dalana the Barmaid and Gahr’s Daughter, Tiff the bouncer, Gilly the drunken dwarf, and Burke and Lance, human merchants who recently came from the elven land of Gen’las.

Granny runs out of the kitchen, wildly swinging her skillet in the air and backing out the swinging door. A Giant Rat jumps on her. Tiff Passes out and Gilly falls asleep. Burke and Lance start laughing while Ghar and Dalana scream. The party quickly dispaches the rat.

Gahr admits a growing hole was found in the basement last week and food and mead has gone missing. Unfortunately Tiff is afraid of going down there and Ghar’s bad leg would make it more dangerous. Ghar offers to hire the party to go down and take care of the problem.

The party went down into the hole and encountered several giant rats which were be conjured by a Goblin (later discovered to be Gah) and a large gnoll bodyguard. After the party defeated the bodyguard Gah dissapeared. The party returned to Gahr and collected their reward, though Duma tried to steal some more. But Duma managed to on Gahr out of the extra money anyway.



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