Kingdom of Lothar

The Cave of Madness Part 3

Episode 6

Christoflee remembers his name is Gershyn but still can’t recall how long he’s been captured. He then remembers the orcs refer to this cave as ‘The Cave of Madness’ and that even if we ‘knew’ the way out, it would not appear as it once was. ¬†This place was built more like a trap than a natural occurrence. ¬†Each ‘room’ is probably part of a keep somewhere, and the dragon-magic of the place maintains the illusion.

It’s now that the party notices the room is completely closed off, even the way they came. Ulf manages to break the spell as the orcs start to descend upon the illusion room. The party manages to break the illusion and find themselves in a keep. The orc army has been alerted but the party is close to the command center. The party finds some loot and Ulf manages to find the amulet, but triggers the trip and immolates the room with himself. The party escapes out the window and around the moat and after Rovaal distracts the army at the gate, they manage to escape into the forest. Now that Bella has a view of the stars, she determines the party is now 200 miles north of Kravelt, and deep in Black Dragonflight territory



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