Varyndabella (Bella) Thicke

Seer of Desna


STR: 8

DEX: 10

CON: 11

INT: 12

WIS: 16

CHA: 14


AC:16 (breast plate)

FORT: +3


WILL: +6

God: Desna of Dreams, Stars, Travelers, Luck (

Domains: Luck and Travel

Languages: Common, Elven, Celestial, Auran

Weapons: Starknife and Long Bow

Feats: Skill Focus: Sense Motive (racial), Alertness




Varyndabella was named by her parents to represent hope: beautiful destiny.

Bella has long been captivated by the heavens, and learned to divine the stars' messages from her parents, both seers in their own right.

When old enough, Bella was apprenticed to Gorga, the blind seer of Desna, where both her human mother and elven father were once apprenticed, and where they realized their destiny of being together. Not just regular clerics of Desna, Seers who apprenticed to Gorga focused on divination and the stars, taking hints from the winds, the ways of the people, and the night sky for indications of future events. To do this, one must be open to their dreams, travel amongst the people, and observe closely. Luck is, as Gorga would say, mostly perception.

Dark times were coming, it was said, and those who could read the stars and listen to the winds would be able to garner hints from the cosmos, as well as the world around them.

It was the last time she saw her parents, as both were reportedly captured by Orcs in their slow encroaching on the elven lands. Bella completed her training and was released into the world as Gorga's last apprentice – she died shortly thereafter. 

She is the last of a very small sect of Desna's faith.

Heading to Grainwold, Bella plied her trade of astrology as much as possible to earn a living while waiting for the call of the fates – the stars had directed her that soon, she would find a calling to begin her path towards her destiny.

And since that message, the sky of Grainwold has been choked with stormclouds, blocking the stars…


In the fashion of the Seers of Desna, Bella wears her hair long and dark. If it was not naturally dark, she would dye it. Additionally, instead of wearing the white typical of Desna's clerics, Seers wear black, punctuated with silver, resembling the openness of the night sky and the source of dreams and inspiration. Her black cloak has a mantle plumed with black cocque feathers, adding a green sheen to the overall look. Bella also wears black gloves and a steel breastplate with bluing and intricate piercing of constellations. Her boots reach just over her knee, buckled up her calf. Underneath, she typically wears black or grey, or even natural cream fibers that have been undyed. 

She wears a thin silver chain about her neck, finely crafted.

Bella is lovely with a pale haunting affectation granted by her elven father, while her sooty eyes and hair speak of human blood.  She is quite tall, at 5 foot 10 inches, causing her stance to be somewhat imposing among smaller folk.  

Personality: Bella often prefers to think before she speaks, which means that she will most often remain quiet at first, listening to others. In general, she is kind and friendly, calm and consistently projecting an appearance of being cognizant of the goings on around her. 

Philosophy:  Uncertainty is a natural state, and hints can always be found as to the direction one should take if one but observes. But no step can be taken with certainty, and therefore all travels of the foot, the mind, the heart or the soul are adventures. One should follow their destiny as they find it calling to them, even if this takes one from warm safety into icy danger. Luck is both chaotic and learned. Good still reigns supreme, and choosing it is part of one's destiny and dream fulfillment.


  • Bella will not talk of her apprenticeship to Gorga. It is an experience that remains passed only to those who are to be trained. 
  • Bella will often attribute much to luck and destiny.

Varyndabella (Bella) Thicke

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