Fighter, formerly of the honor guard of a disgraced and now deceased king.


Alignment: Neutral Good
Fighter 2
Sorcerer 1 (Destined bloodline)
STR: 18 (+4)
DEX: 17 (+3)
CON: 16 (+3)
INT: 11
WIS: 13 (+1)
CHA: 13 (+1)
AC: 19
HP: 35
Fortitude: 6
Reflex: 3
Will: 3
Base Attack Bonus: 2
CMB: 6
Initiative Bonus: 3

Magic (+1) Longsword:
+8 to strike alone, +6 as double
(NOTE: Weapon Focus with this sword has added an additional +1 to strike)
1d8+5 damage
Critical: 19/20, 2x damage

+6 to strike alone, +4 as double
1d6+4 damage
Critical: 19/20, 2x damage

Acrobatics (+6)
Climb (+8)
Stealth (+9)
Knowledge (Dungeoneering) (+5)

Skill Focus (Stealth)
Dodge (+1 to AC)
Two-Weapon Fighting (-2 to strike with both weapons)
Weapon Focus (+1 to strike with magic longsword)
Double Slice (Full strength bonus added to off-hand weapon)

Common, Elvish

See 2x as far as humans in low light
+2 sight & sound-based perception
if within 10ft., can roll perception check for secret doors whether looking or not
immune to magic sleep FX
+2 against enchantment spells or FX

+1 Will save against fear
Both Sorcerer and Fighter are favored classes
Touch of Destiny: four times a day can give a creature +1 to any one roll

0 Level (infinite casts):
Daze, Flare, Ray of Frost, Touch of Fatigue
1st Level (four casts/day):
Magic Weapon, Shield


Thral is, as far as he knows, the only child of two circus performers; a human strongman and an elven acrobat. How he came to possess this knowledge he couldn’t tell you, but he believes it is true. It is certainly better than other, alternative theories of his birth and childhood which have been put forth, and goes some way toward explaining in a MOST convenient fashion both his tremendous strength and uncanny agility, if not his eerie, shadow-haunting stealth.

The circus his parents worked for, or were indentured to, or owned (take your pick) was roaming the lands, desperate for work, which is hard won in these grim times of war, when they were retained by the court of Iridian, a heavily wooded land that lies to the East and North of Lothar, and is a kingdom no more. It is spoken of in taverns that the besotted king of Iridian, a disreputable stain on the Elven race, was paranoid, and craved power, and had a breeding program in his dungeons where certain of his subjects were forced to mate with other subjects and give the children to his military at birth such that he might raise a mighty army, loyal only to him, that he might use to conquer other lands. It is also said, in these same tales, that Lothar was to be the first target. One would do well to recall that this is a tavern tale, though, and that perhaps similar claims to being first target are made in the taverns of other lands. Nonetheless it is the fact of the matter that for many years the king of Iridian /did/ retain a large and rather famous circus, one that curiously never seemed to leave, to tour, and yet always had new performers replenishing its ranks, learning and then displaying the skills of acrobatics, stealth, strength and agility that circuses are known for, and this in a time when few people traveled, and fewer still traveled to the ill-favored land of Iridian.

In recent years, when the enemies came, as all free people know they have, a large army of orcs and goblins swept down from the inhospitable and wild northlands and easily overran Iridian’s poorly-guarded borders. At this time, Thral was already, along with several dozen other youth of similar age, a member of the king’s own elite honor guard. When the king, seemingly caring not at all for the safety of his people or his military ordered the circus (of all things) be saved at the expense of the defenses of the capital city, his generals revolted. When the orcs came they found their work had been done for them; the honor guard and regular army had clashed, and in the fighting the king’s life was claimed, though no one knows the truth of how he met his fate. With no king, no heirs, no court, and a small population, Iridian reverted to wildland and is claimed by no one, not even the orcs or goblins or other enemies now on the move, for Iridian is said by all to be a cursed land; cursed and unredeemable.

Thral is not the only survivor of the battle that occurred that day; there are other Men of Iridian, both soldiers and Honor Guardsmen alike, and the enmity between them continues to this day. Thral’s armor is curiously still militarily caparisoned; his rank, insignia, and other identifying marques are clearly visible if one knows where to look, though they are faded with time. Thral speaks not on the matter of why this is so, though perhaps his utter lack of identity, and likewise of interests outside of combat arts, or history not wrapped up in training can offer clues as to why this is so.

Thral cannot juggle, sing, dance, or do any other of the skills a boy growing up in a circus might be expected to at least be glancingly familiar with. He is rarely amused and never amusing; always focused and eager to kill, if not fight. The discrepancy of his dour mien and brutal acumen with his supposed origin story seems not to bother him, and there are few who take issue with the matter. He fancies himself a leader, a dynamo who motivates men, but in this regard he is mistaken. His skills, while valued, earn him more fear than respect, for there could only be one job a physical prodigy like himself, one that excels at acrobatics, climbing, hiding, sneaking, two-weapon fighting, and knows little about defensive combat, could really have been groomed for.

And assassins have no friends.

However, recently, while walking out of the underground lair of a recently-dispatched servant of the black dragons, the wizard Werner told Thral of the deeds of Shadowdancers and Duelists that he has campaigned with in the past, and how Thral’s movement and agility, especially for a fighter, reminded him of those greater warriors.

Intrigued, and lacking any other clear mission in life, Thral has resolved to seek out information on these “prestige classes” and if at all possible attempt to follow their path.


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