Kingdom of Lothar

The Cave of Madness Part 3
Episode 6

Christoflee remembers his name is Gershyn but still can’t recall how long he’s been captured. He then remembers the orcs refer to this cave as ‘The Cave of Madness’ and that even if we ‘knew’ the way out, it would not appear as it once was. ¬†This place was built more like a trap than a natural occurrence. ¬†Each ‘room’ is probably part of a keep somewhere, and the dragon-magic of the place maintains the illusion.

It’s now that the party notices the room is completely closed off, even the way they came. Ulf manages to break the spell as the orcs start to descend upon the illusion room. The party manages to break the illusion and find themselves in a keep. The orc army has been alerted but the party is close to the command center. The party finds some loot and Ulf manages to find the amulet, but triggers the trip and immolates the room with himself. The party escapes out the window and around the moat and after Rovaal distracts the army at the gate, they manage to escape into the forest. Now that Bella has a view of the stars, she determines the party is now 200 miles north of Kravelt, and deep in Black Dragonflight territory

The Cave of Madness Part 2
Episode 5

The group recovers in the room and moves on. After triggering a few traps that spring Skeletons on the party, they find a large room with an undead army and an evil necromancer Romo.

After Defeating Romo they find a strange man who calls himself Christoflee but can’t remember anything. He had been Romo’s prisoner for apparently a long time.

The Cave of Madness Part 1
Episode 4

Back at the Inn, Werner has been give orders to use a small group to try to acquire the Amulet of Command. The order doesn’t want the Black Dragonflight to be aware of how they’re starting to move against the invasion. The order has found an outpost at a cave seems to be a rallying point for the Orcs. The party’s mission is to find the Amulet and bring it back to Werner and the order.

The party finds a cave winding back and forth and encounters a couple camps, and is almost defeated by the second one, when a giant beetle saves the day.

Revenge of Nedsel
Episode 3

The party is back at the inn again and more Wizards of the Order have come to seal the underground passage the Black Dragonflight was going to use. Werner is fairly certain that the advance has been halted, but there could be other forces near-by, and hires the party to check the nearby silderness.

Gilly (who is druink) thought he could have smelled orcs in the dark forest. The party hires Gilly to lead them through the dark forest to the camp. After seeming to wander for almost two days they find the camp and Gilly flees seeing the large orc force. The party defeats the orcs but then a large orc lord, Nedsel appears and defeats the party. The party awakes back at the Inn, having been rescued by Werner and the Order.

The Hunt fo Gah
Episode 2

While the players are relaxing in the Grainwold Inn, Werner the Wise, a old, gray and seemingly befuddled wizard enters the inn, and begins to query the party about what happened in their encounter. Werner hires the party to help him investigate the hole.

Werner sees through a powerful illusion and dispells it, exposing a large room where Gah is there with a new Gnoll lieutenant. Gah enfeebles Werner and summons some rats. The party fights through the rats, though when they defeat Gah he transforms himself into a giant Worm. The party defeats the Worm and Werner is freed from the spell.

Werner determines this room could be a pre-cursor to an invasion of the Black Dragonflight’s forces.

The Meeting
Episode 1

After the party is introduced to each other we’re introduced to the staff and regulars of the Grainwold inn – Gahr the Innkeeper, Dalana the Barmaid and Gahr’s Daughter, Tiff the bouncer, Gilly the drunken dwarf, and Burke and Lance, human merchants who recently came from the elven land of Gen’las.

Granny runs out of the kitchen, wildly swinging her skillet in the air and backing out the swinging door. A Giant Rat jumps on her. Tiff Passes out and Gilly falls asleep. Burke and Lance start laughing while Ghar and Dalana scream. The party quickly dispaches the rat.

Gahr admits a growing hole was found in the basement last week and food and mead has gone missing. Unfortunately Tiff is afraid of going down there and Ghar’s bad leg would make it more dangerous. Ghar offers to hire the party to go down and take care of the problem.

The party went down into the hole and encountered several giant rats which were be conjured by a Goblin (later discovered to be Gah) and a large gnoll bodyguard. After the party defeated the bodyguard Gah dissapeared. The party returned to Gahr and collected their reward, though Duma tried to steal some more. But Duma managed to on Gahr out of the extra money anyway.

The background

Kingdom of Lothar

They say it’s the 2nd Age of the Dragon. This is the only world you’ve ever known.

In the tales of the First Age, overconfidence was the undoing of Dragon and Orc. The Orcs of the Dragon Krakuk overextended into the Human kingdom of Lothar, where the grand army of Humans, Elves and Dwarves sprang their trap. They surrounded Krakuk’s largest army and used powerful magic to annihilate them. The forest was obliterated, along with the Orcs, in a place now known as ‘The Caludron’. The defeat at the Cauldron was a leathal blow to Krakuk and Human, Elf and Dwarf were able to eliminate the remaining incursions.

They say the next 50 years were a time of peace and light. Even the often isolated Dwarves came to establish a community in Lothagran, the capital of the Kingdom of Lothar. They say the peaceful races had become too confident themselves.

This age began not with the marching of an Army, but a whisper of bow. 30 years ago A human assassinated the spiritual leader of the Elves, An’lisa. The Elves were outraged, and immediately ended their treaty with the Humans, and removed their forward guard from the Black of the North. No one knew this was the subterfuge of the dragon Blackwing. Not until it was too late.

At first it seemed like the rumors were impossible. Tales of Orcs occupying the towns far away, often in a bloodless conflict. Without the help of the Elves to quickly move news and information around, much of Lothar was occupied in this manner. Men and women and children turned into slaves. Small towns and hamlets were turned into dark fortresses. Territory was often too difficult to take back.

Year after year, town after town, the Orcs had cleverly established a nearly impenetrable empire in what was once lush Human and Elven land.

Almost all of Lothar has been taken. It’s said the Orc armies have begun to move on the mountain fortresses of the Dwarves. You have come to the city of Kravelt, near the Dwarf mountain of Lilibos, the Elven forest of Gen’las and the mighty human city of Lothagran, you’ve come to the tavern Grainwold, looking for refuge from a cold rain that hasn’t stopped for a week…


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